New cover, same story

Today I’ve uploaded a new cover for One Equal Temper to Amazon and Smashwords; hopefully it will have propagated it’s way around the internet before too long!

It’s always hard, when you write a novel – especially your first – to know how it’s going to be received. I always saw this one as a Romantic Comedy, even though that isn’t a widely used genre when analysing fiction.

I should say that it is definitely NOT “Chicklit”, with which RomCom is often confused. The main difference, IMHO, is that Chicklit necessarily has a female protagonist and explores the world of emotion from the female viewpoint.

This, of course (if you’ve read it), is not true of One Equal Temper, which has a decidedly male protagonist and is written from his point of view.

Does that make it “blokelit”? No, I don’t think so; that label usually implies guns, explosions and babes, none of which are present here.

So, “Romantic Comedy” it is, and let’s see if this new cover more accurately conveys this idea.

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