What I Have Learned

I recently completed the writing, editing and self-publishing of my first novel, One Equal Temper – available soon in all good online ebook stores! There were several reasons for wanting to do it in the first place, but high on the list was that I wanted to learn something.

And, boy, have I done that.

In the last seventeen months I have learned so much stuff that I’ve forgotten what it is that I didn’t know. So I thought it would be instructive to try and capture some thoughts on the topic, before it all disappears into the mists of unreliable memory.

There have been a zillion little things, but listing all of them would take forever and a small sample would sound like I’d just learned a few bits of trivia, which isn’t how I feel about it at all. So I’ve tried to come up a level of abstraction to some summary headlines of what know now that I didn’t know then. I have learned:

1. How to write a novel. That sounds obvious, or possibly even content-free. Of course I have, but what does that mean? I think it means that I now understand the process in a way that I didn’t before. Not that there is just one standard process to be followed; but I know what the parts are and roughly how long they might take (a LONG time).

2. How to write English. To be frank, this came as a big surprise to me. I thought I already knew this, but it turns out that I didn’t. Not just the specific rules that apply to fiction, such as how to punctuate dialogue, but more general rules of grammar and punctuation. Not to mention writing prose that is easier on the eye.

3. About Social Media. I was a casual user of Facebook for the standard social purposes, but had never got into Twitter. Now I have over 1300 Twitter followers, and I’m using some of the tools like a pro to see what is and isn’t working. That means buffer, justunfollow and the amazing followerwonk. I’ve also met and interacted with a lot of people!

4. About websites and blogging – more than I thought I would. I have published websites before, but not for a very long time and I was completely off the technical pace. I’m still a bit of a beginner, but I do now have my own self-hosted wordpress site.

5. About the self-publishing process. I was always expecting this, and I wasn’t disappointed. No matter how easy Kindle Direct Publishing, Smashwords and CreateSpace say it’s going to be, you just know it’s not, at least if you want a decent looking product. It took me a few goes but I think I now have at least the basics in place.

And, finally, I’ve learned how much more there is to learn. This isn’t a surprise at all: in a field as big as this, you’d have to be mad to think you can master it all in a year or two. My learning curve is still steep – I feel I’m learning something significant every single day – and is showing no sign at all of levelling off. That’s how you know there’s a lot more to go.

Learning stuff is what I enjoy, which means I have years more fun to look forward to. How great is that?

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  1. Thanks, Alex. We all have to much to learn about writing, don’t we? I’d be interested to hear what you’ve learned about Smashwords, KDP and Createspace. Hopefully, I’ll be self-publishing sometime in the next six months.

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