One Equal Temper

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One Equal Temper Cover“I tried to remember how I’d got into this in the first place. Tanya, of course; all roads led to Tanya.”

How long should you wait for the girl of your dreams to return? Graham Frost, a thirty-something lecturer, is wondering if seven years might be too long.

It’s 2012, and the Olympics are coming to London. Graham volunteers as a Games Maker hoping it will take his mind off his lost love, or maybe help him find someone new.

And it does – he meets the feisty Karen, but then everything goes wrong. Can Graham get to grips with all of the idiots in the world, including himself, and make sense of his life?

This romantic comedy, set behind the scenes of the greatest show on earth, will keep you turning the pages right to the end.

Note: It’s set in the London 2012 Olympics where I worked for several weeks as a Games Maker volunteer, at which point I should issue the usual disclaimer about it being a work of fiction and any similarity blah blah… On the other hand, if you recognise yourself then you’ve no-one to blame but you!

See also this post about the origin of the title.

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