New Starters

Good morning everyone, thanksBrantham Works for making it to today’s meeting on time. I know some of you have been working late – especially you, Chapter 26! – and I want you to know that the commitment is really appreciated.

But before we do anything else I want to welcome two new members of the team – Chapters 8 and 9, who are sitting at the front here. Could you stand up and turn around so everyone can see? Thanks, that’s great.

Now I’m sure we all miss their predecessors, but we were all aware of some of their frailties and, frankly, I think they will be a lot happier in the Retirement Home for Unwanted Chapters, where they can now play golf all day. Yes, Chapter 6, and that other thing as well.

OK, everyone, settle down.

So now we have our new Chapters 8 and 9; they’ve just started today, so we should expect there to be one or two rough edges to begin with, but I know you will all be understanding about that – we were all new once ourselves!

There will need to be a couple of adjustments, naturally, particularly at the beginning of Chapter 10. Nothing major, I think, but there are some different outcomes at the end of Chapter 9 which we will need to accommodate. Are you all right with that, Ten? Excellent, thanks.

Right, that’s enough chat for now – we have a lot more editing to do if we’re to get this Third Draft complete. Back to work, everyone!

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